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Ash Handling System

Title           :  Ash Handling System

Segment   :  Steel Manufacturing


  • Centralized control system for multiple units of Dust Emission System.
  • Pre-commissioning.
  • Commissioning.
  • After Commissioning Service and Support.
Ash handling system of steel manufacturing company provided by Cotmac Electronics.


  • Automation of multiple Ash Handling systems.
  • One centralized PLC and several remote stations distributed across the plant.
  • Total I/Os installed were in thousands.
  • All stations communicated through Fiber Optic Cables in a range of few kms.
  • Training and certification to end users.
Automation of Ash Handling system by Cotmac Electronics.


  • Reduction in dust emission in environment.
  • Troubleshooting was simple and faster due to SCADA.
  • Reduction in manpower and operation cost due to centralized operation.
  • Easy commissioning and diagnostic.
  • Improved Powder conveying and storage efficiency due to better control.