Board Of Directors

The story began with manufacturing of Uninterruptible Power Supply units, and moved in course of time to becoming Solution Partners for Siemens, and offering Automation Solutions to the industry.

Challenges and hardships helped increase their grit and determination to succeed, while also maturing and bringing to the forefront the company’s growth, simultaneously melting the founding partners’ individual personalities into the hotpot of business opportunities.

Today, Cotmac stands tall and proud as it is ranked 12th (by CFE Media U.S.A.) in worldwide rankings for Automation System Integrators.

Mr. Shyam Sirur


Mr Pralhad Hage

Mr. Pralhad Hage

Managing Director/Founder

Mr. Gajanan Dhakane

Executive Director

Mr. Arjun Sirur

Mr. Arjun Sirur

Executive Director

suman sirur

Mrs. Suman Sirur