Top Managers are expected to take the right decisions at the right time. This acumen just needs access to information about certain products / technologies especially in the domain of Automation.

This information combined with knowledge/insights about their respective industries enables them to take the right decisions.

Our Conferences are aimed at this group of Industry leaders. Our Conferences will dwell on New automation Tools in the Market, New Techniques to be Implemented and similar other topics that would empower decision makers in industry.

Some of the courses that we have designed are as follows


Course 1        :         T.1  PLC Application

Course 2        :         T.2 Safety PLC & Aggregates

Course 3        :         SED.1 Servo motors & Controls

Course 4        :         ACD  Induction motor & VFD 

Course 5        :         DCS 

Course 6        :         VIS Vision System

Course 7        :         S.1 Time Management

Course 8        :         S.2 Team Building