SCADA is “Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition”- real time industrial process control system used to centrally monitor and control remote or local industrial equipment such as motor, valves, pump etc

Features of SCADA system :

  1. Graphical Representation of Entire System
  2. Continuous Information at Operator Workstations
  3. Automatic Control
  4. Remote Control
  5. Alarming/Paging
  6. Trending/Reporting
  7. Online Monitoring
  8. Alarm notification through SMS/Email
  9. Excel Report Generator (Script Based)


  1. Saves money and time
  2. Remotely Monitor
  3. Less traveling for workers
  4. Reduce manpower needs
  5. Manpower required to look after the plant is reduced as single PC
  6. Monitors the sections of plant
  7. Increases the production efficiency
  8. To visualize the past data of process variables
  9. To provide Alarms for critical condition
  10. To provide security to SCADA screen to avoid unauthorized user access to graphics data
  11. As SCADA can be connected to Different database like SQL, EXCEL
  12. View and Control Plant-Floor Operations from Virtually Anywhere through web navigation

Remote SCADA users can now view and control real-time plant floor operations data from any device

  • Available anywhere only internet connection is needed
  • Multi platform services available on smart phones,tablets, PC etc
  • Save Maintenance and travel cost in a simple and secure way

Solutions for all Sectors of Industry :

  • Automobile production and suppliersscada-used-in-various-industries
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Printing industry
  • Energy supply and distribution
  • Trading and service industries
  • Plastic and rubber industries
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Metal-processing industry
  • Food, beverages and tobacco industries
  • Paper manufacture and processing
  • Steel industry
  • Transportation
  • Water treatment and sewage clarification

And Many more.