Siepan 8PU Low Voltage Switchboards

Siepan 8PU design for low voltage switchboards has become an industry benchmark with proven performance for the past many decades.

Designed to operate in challenging conditions of high ambient & dust 8PU low voltage switchboards have been patronized by various segments like cement, steel, refinery, oil & gas, pharma, F&B, data centres, hospitals & hotels, metro-rail projects having deployed more than 100,000 LV switchboards for maximum reliability and performance.

COTMAC is one of the select few Licensed Partners for the Siemens SIEPAN 8PU totally type tested (TTA) low voltage switchboards.

Licensed Partner for Siepan 8PU


  • Power control centres
  • Communication capable intelligent power control centres (IPCCs)
  • Withdrawable motor control centres with patented Alstan® bus-bar technology
  • Energy management PCCs for Plant & Building
  • Motor control centres – Fuseless and with Fuse
  • Intelligent motor control centres (IMCCs)
  • Integrated PMCCs for Ethernet connectivity
  • Automatic power factor correction panels
  • All variants available with a choice of aluminum and copper for bus-bars
  • Degree of ingress protection upto IP 54 for all ratings


  • Conformance to Type Tested assemblies (TTA)
  • Conformance to Seismic withstand upto Zone V
  • Conformance to Internal Arc Containment (IAC)
  • Fully compartmentalized, bolted & modular design for PCC & MCC
  • Non-compartmentalized drive control panels
  • Non-compartmentalized APFC panels


  • Compact, safe and reliable
  • Test and disconnected position with door closed for safety
  • For every rated current range, optimum connection conditions for cables and busbars
  • Separate function compartments consisting of a switching device, auxiliary equipment and a cable connection compartment for safety
  • User friendly
  • Free choice of the supply direction without any sacrifices in terms of technical specifications
  • High short-time current carrying capacity for time-graded short-circuit protection (up to 500ms) assures reliable operation of the switchboard without being affected by short-circuit
  • Indication & operation in the door closed condition
  • Enhanced communication system