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Engine Shop

Customer : Car Plant, India

Segment   : Engine Shop


  • Up-gradation of manually operated plant with Automation using POKAYOKES.
  • Quality Improvement and Cost reduction.
  • Improved design process and final product quality.
This is a line overview of engine line with improved design process and final product quality by Cotmac Electronics.


  • Simatic Manager and Simatic Wincc Flexible 2008 SP3, Simodrive. (Profibus DP and Profinet Communication.)
  • Implementation of POKAYOKES at each station using S7 400 PLC System.
  • Improving system by identifying failures & eliminating recurrence .
  • To identify wrong positioning.
This is a navigation screen shot for engine line to identify wrong position by Cotmac Electronics.


  • Improved productivity due to minimum manual intervention.
  • Optimum control of critical process parameters to maintain consistency in product quality, thus ensuring high quality products.
  • Reduction in manpower and operation costs due to centralized operation.
  • Easy commissioning and diagnostic functions.
  • Up-gradation completed in minimum shutdown time.
This is station mode screenshot showing reduction in manpower and operation cost due to centralized operation by Cotmac Electronics.