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Winder and Unwinder Machine

Segment:  Winders and Unwinders


  • Up-gradation S-5 to S-7 and DC drive.
  • 6RA22  to 6RA80 with automation.
  • Unwinder-Winder application with tension control.


  • New panel installation on Machine.
  • Logic development as per control philosophy in PLC and HMI.
  • Logic development in drive as per the customer requirement.


  • Improved productivity due to fast auto-manual operation.
  • Optimum control of critical process parameters to maintain consistency in product quality.
  • Maximum availability of safety.
  • HMI Screens to easy fault finding.
  • Recipe so that different Sizes of Band can be just selected on user friendly Menu on HMI.
  • Quality improvement.


Winder-Unwinder Machine HMI Screens by Cotmac Electronics to easy fault finding.