Knowledge Centre

Cotmac Knowledge Centre (CKC) intends to work in a collaborative fashion with “Automation Professionals” on various topics of concern to enhance skill sets of human resources as well as enhance efficiency and productivity to maximize the profitability of an organization.

CKC has identified following verticals to coordinate this activity:

  • Knowledge Leader Association: Identify Knowledge Leaders in specific domains and collaborate with them in order to create modules / courses. The central objective in this regard would be to have industry leader’s work together to create a mass of knowledge / courses that aid in professional growth.
  • Learning Centre: To conduct courses in each of the areas to help skill/ knowledge development. These modules are aimed at operational resources in organisations e.g. PLC Training for Automation Companies etc.
  • Knowledge Bank: A repository of knowledge in the areas of competence. This can be used to present Cotmac and its capabilities in a better manner.
  • Conferences for Senior Executives: These are short duration courses aimed at decision makers and help in making Capex and other decisions.