Learning Centre

This facility provides Automation Training in  Pune. This is specifically in the domain of technical,managerial & behavioral. It is  designed to augment various skill sets, mainly to

  1. Fresh engineering Diploma/ Degree graduates.
  2. Engineers who are already employed but need to enhance their skills, in the domain of Automation.

COTMAC Learning Centre (CLC) has identified number of training modules for this objective.

We are in the process of continuously adding new modules to contribute to the field of automation training.

Currently we are conducting Automation Training in Pune and plan to extend to other centres in the course of time.

Some of the courses that we have designed are as follows

Course 1            :        CACP Module P1

Course 2            :        CACP Module P9

Course 3            :        CACP Module P15

Course 4            :        CACP Module P30

Course 5            :        CACP Module P45