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Distillery Automation

Title           : Automation for Distillery Plant

Segment   : Food & Beverages


  • Supply of Automation system for existing manual plant operation.
  • Reduce manual intervention in system to minimize production time, reduce manual error, wastage of  molasses in manual production.
Automation for Distillery Plant reduce manual intervention in system to minimize production time and reduce manual error.


  • VPCS7 architecture, VFD’s, Soft CS7 Based architecture, Motor-starters.(Profibus DP & Profinet Communication).
  • Reacting faster to failures occurrences
  • Web monitoring of running process.
Web monitoring of running process in Automated Distillery Plant by Cotmac Electronics.


  • Improved productivity due to reduced manual intervention.
  • High quality products because of optimum control of critical process parameters.
  • Easy of diagnostic functions.
  • Reduces errors.
  • Analytical reports for MIS.(Management Information System)
Automated Distillery Plant's Analytical reports for MIS by Cotmac Electronics.