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Automation of Plate Shear Line

Title             :  Automation of Plate Shear Line

Segment     :  Steel (Metal)


  • Synchronization of all line drives with main shear drive with cut to length functionality.
  • Cutting length accuracy required was 5 mm for plate length upto 10 meter.
All Drive Status


The total automation system comprised of SIEMENS make with

  • S7 400 PLC with Function Module.
  • Remote IO stations.
  • Master Drives.
  • HMI MP277.
  • ES for Drives.
  • ES for PLC.
  • Two OS with WinCC SCADA.


  • We could achieve 10% increase in line speed with proposed solution.
  • Easy for Troubleshooting Process.
  • Reduction in manpower and operation cost due to Centralized Operation.
  • Easy Commissioning and Diagnostic functions.
  • Completed changeover from old system to new in record time of line shutdown of only 04 days.